Both Useful and Useless Information

Introducing  myself seems slightly redundant considering how my name is plastered all over this blog, but the manners of southern hospitality that are coursing through my veins require me to do this:

Hi. I’m Ashlyn.

(Not that you didn’t probably already know that.)

Welcome to the personal musings of a college student who can’t do small talk and wants authenticity to be the reputation of Christianity.


That might not be a good immediate indicator of whether or not this blog will be worth your time to read, but it is a good summary of what happens here.

You probably will not see any Pinterest worthy tutorials or Instagram-able DIY’s coming out of this brain. I’m all for reading them; not very good at writing them.

This site is meant to offer a break from the pressure to be superficially perfect. We so quickly get wrapped up in how we look to the outside world and have a tendency to sacrifice what makes us individual for the sake of trends. Ultimately, the focus is becoming confident in who God has designed you to be, so that you can go and spread some of your unique genuineness in a world that is painfully shallow.

You are suitable.

You are competent.

You are aptly whoever it is that you’re supposed to be, so own it and use it.

How you do that is up to you. I just want to get the wheels turning by writing on hopefully thought-provoking and helpful subjects.

Some Largely Irrelevant Facts About Me

I am currently in college. This means I’m in the unique and uncomfortable position of seeing the future of our world at their absolute worst. Every one is sleep deprived and surviving on nothing but pizza and RedBull. I am no exception: I’m fueled purely by coffee and indecisiveness.


Some of my favorite TV shows are The Blacklist, M.A.S.H., and House M.D.

My music taste ranges from Broadway show tunes to Bing Crosby to Imagine Dragons.

I love too many books to list, but I can with complete confidence say that I despise cheesy, teenage romance novels.

And, mostly to my own detriment, I am a bit of a perfectionist.


 So that’s Aptly Ashlyn and some relatively useless information about the person who writes it.

I hope you enjoy it.