Why a blog?

This is normally the time that you would see an “About Me” page pop up, and you would learn some carefully worded details about me, you can find a Cliff Notes version of my life at the bottom of the screen. As much as I enjoy reading those, I decided I would rather designate this space to something I don’t always see on a blog : I want to give you the reasons I decided to put time and effort into creating something that many people go their entire lives without.

So here’s why….

I love writing. It is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a small child and I’ve discovered that God has given me gift with words. I have tried writing a book multiple times, but unfortunately I have a short attention span and don’t always see it through to the end. This means I have a significant amount of artistic license and creativity bundled up inside me, and I am not about to waste all of it on English papers that will be judged by the academic standard.

The topics of this blog are simply a culmination of the chaotic thought process I occasionally endure and a fulfillment of the calling I have for ministry. I can’t promise what the “Thoughts” portion of this will be filled with- as it may be entirely random- however, I can offer the certainty that “Faith” will go wherever God is calling it.

As for the name, I spent an absurd amount of time searching for an appropriate “A” word to go with “Ashlyn” once I had decided “That’s life” after the Frank Sinatra song wasn’t quite right. Aptly just fit. I am simply living my life in a competent or suitable manner, because that’s about all I can do.

So that’s it. That’s how “Aptly Ashlyn” came to be.

I hope you enjoy it!